Liqee Announces Collateral Support to wstETH

Liqee Liquidity Mining

What are wstETH and Lido?

Benefits of wstETH (wrapped stETH)?

  • efficient liquidity — the stETH/ETH pool on Curve is one of the most liquid pools with a total liquidity of $4.8 billion, allowing users to trade stETH for ETH and exit staking at any time.
  • secured — open-sourcing and fully audited by Quantstamp and Sigma Prime. Click here to view full reports.
  • non-custodial — maintain full control over your assets.
  • work with Unslashed Finance to provide insurance against potential slashing risk.

How to Get wstETH?

  1. You can use Lido Protocol to wrap wstETH at any time (and vice versa).

How to Get stETH?

  1. You can use Lido Protocol to stake ETH and receive stETH in return.

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Liqee, a lending protocol for staking yield tokens and a unified portal for liquid staking markets.