Liqee Debuts as the First Lending Protocol for Liquidity Staking Tokens

Three Verticals

  • Lending Market
  • Tokenization (tAssets)
  • Liqee Staking Service

Protocol Participants

  • Lend rToken/tToken and borrow underlying tokens, i.e supply rETH and/or rATOM to borrow ETH and/or ATOM.
  • Lend underlying tokens to borrow other underlying tokens, i.e supply DOT to borrow FIL/ETH/XTZ/ATOM etc
  • Lend combination of rToken and underlying tokens to borrow underlying tokens, i.e to supply rATOM and ETH, to borrower DOT/ATOM etc
  • Lend tokens and borrow/mint USX, then deposit into dForce’s lending market to borrow other crypto assets

Code Security and Market Risk




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Liqee, a lending protocol for staking yield tokens and a unified portal for liquid staking markets.